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  • Quick response service, offer the quotation timely
  • Product consulting service, provide the product performance information
  • Technical solutions service, to provide most reasonable solution for that scenario
  • After-sales service, tracking service, until the customer satisfied
  • Online order management system, you can know the whole process of the order status any time



What can you see here?

You can freely check your interested products, browse the detailed information, and submit your inquiry real-time, feeling the cost-effective bring by the high quality and reasonable price products. You can see the newest, and hot-sales products, very convenient for you to get offers. You can also see our professional technology support advantage and project solutions. Also you can feel the strictly test, and authority certification from the third party institutions. Professional business team are 24 hours in position to serve you. 



About Us

Bestsail is a professional mechanical products supplier of Marine, Marine engineering, rigging hardware. Services in shipping, offshore, mining, airports, railways, Bridges, ports, electricity, petrochemical, building, metallurgy, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, logistics, transportation, pipe linings, etc. 

We provide professional procurement chain management and full range of services such as project optimization design, complete set of product configuration, production outsourcing management, process quality control, product testing and international logistics Services. Our company bases on the mechanical products, faces the international market, integrates domestic resources of well-known Marine engineering machinery and rigging related products, designs and provides high quality product solutions according to customer's individual needs.

Based on nearly 20 years of industrial experience in import and export, Bestsail has built up its business team, covering distribution, logistics and after-sales service, etc., we are familiar with the processes and rules of international import and export , understand the characteristics of industries and products, fluent in English, we can provide you with 24 hours barrier-free communication and service. Also, the cooperative senior freight forwarders help you choose the optimal routes, to ensure the contracted delivery date.

We unite our Jing Rui inspection center, to guarantee the analysis report to be accurate and timely, provide customers with one-stop quality control, product analysis, R&D services and solutions of supporting facilities .To ensure accurate and traceable test data, test report and inspection process, data source and the authenticity of the test report, customers are able to trace via inspection records. To provide the highest quality and most professional testing services.



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