JING RUI Testing laboratory Profile:


JING RUI testing laboratory by China metrology accreditation (CAM) and China's conformity assessment national approval committee (CNAS) approved by the independent third party testing laboratory, quality system, testing standards, testing equipment, is a global unified, issue a report with BV, ABS, LR, SGS, etc. The testing reports are equivalent, is legally binding.


1. The standard differentiation, we have accumulated in the industry for many years, you can spend the least cost to address the needs of the pain points and concerns, while reducing production costs.


2. Quality control differences. Independent third party based on fair and impartial service customers and assume the legal responsibility and obligations of third parties, so that customers can rest assured. At the same time has better than other factories in the internal quality control.


3. The differences of the design. Professional technical team and advanced design software ensure the improvement of product function. Optimize the structure of design of the product, use the software of the finite element analysis to proofread, to help the factory to develop new products to provide theoretical and technical services.


4. Quality improvement. Ensure product’s quality has scientific proving through inspection and procedure control system audit, increase the additional value of products.


5. Inspection equipment differences. Inspection center will not only analysis the performance of the material, but also test the performance of the product.


6. Serving fee differences. Final target of the center is to provide fast and accurate testing data and report. Reduce customer’s cost with professional inspection and testing. 





Testing Report: