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First of all, check if the lubrication oil is enough till 500 hours of using from the first start. Then, recheck every three months. Add oil if it’s lacking.
Remember all the precautions to operate lifting! Especially when lift heave objects, the operator must be pay high attention to safety. Let us talk about where should be pay attention to?
What is the Standard of Thimble Inspection? -Tuesday, January 10, 2017
1、Thimbles need be inspected by manufacturer’s technical departments and be issued Quality Certificate.
Customer selects stainless steel wire rope not only refers to price but also good quality. How to tell thus buy the good quality stainless steel wire ropes really bothers buyers. Here we have some factors may affect price just for your references.
How to choose Shackle? -Tuesday, January 03, 2017
Shackle surface should be smooth, the defects such as cracks, sharp edges, burnt are not allowed to appear.